¿Quiénes somos?

Caledonia Marine is a Venezuelan company which offers, at the most important ports of the country, customized and specialized shipping management and shipping agency services, logistics in the shipping, handling and reception operations of vessels.


To provide an efficient shipping management and shipping agency service, applying the best practices to protect the commercial interests of our clients, through a highly qualified and motivated human force.


To become the first shipping management and shipping agency of Venezuela, and to serve as a reference to all the parties in the maritime sector, both locally and internationally.



We perform with highly ethical standards that assure sustainability and safeguard our reputation. We guarantee the maximum respect for national and international legislation, as well as absolute transparency in our activities in front of our clients and the authorities.

We are committed to the security, the protection of the environment and the development of the communities where we operate.


We have the vocation of wanting to know and to understand our clients, therefore we are dedicated to create value, exceeding their expectations, because we want to more than meet their demands, we desire to surprise them with an exceptional service.


With honesty and complete availability, we contribute to the development and competitiveness of our clients, through diverse and innovative solutions, which exceed expectations.


It is in our philosophy to deliver services with the highest security standards, and to promote policies that protect our clients and collaborators.